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Now you can do away with your collection of clunky software systems and replace them with HotboxERP, an end-to-end and all-in-one software solution for your business. Build a custom dashboard to suit your business and harness the power of HotboxERP.

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Manage your business from seed to sale.

Track our data capture enables effortless and automated tracking and management of inventory seed to sale, wholesale or retail sales, and compliance reporting. We are the solution to manage your market growth and expand your business.

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Growth is the name of the game. HotboxERP is the first comprehensive business system designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Purchase our full suite or start with one of our standalone modules, such as marketing or online ordering – without the fees. We can get you up and running in no time.

We were a fragmented operation that had multiple software programs running the many facets of our business. Hotbox ERP came in and immediately changed that for the better. With their seamless integration and single software platform that did everything we needed, we have seen our business soar and our profits grow. The best part about Hotbox ERP software is we are now one unified, organized business that can see our real time numbers and projections in an instant.

-Vertical Multi License/Location, Northern, CA

Dave and Hotbox ERP are fantastic to work with. Our accounting and compliance systems were broken. We were one of the many that were in jeopardy of losing it all if we could not organize our systems and produce real time reporting. Hotbox ERP not only fixed those issues but also implemented RFID tools and reporting. Their customer service is top notch, and they are a great team to partner with.

– Multi Licensed/Locations, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Hotbox ERP approached us with a new way to market our products and supply us with the data we needed to engage more customers. Our business has grown 27% since implementing their software and utilizing their business solutions. Our only regret is that we did not start with them from the beginning…we can’t imagine how much further our profits would be as well as our market share.

– Multi License / Locations, Denver Colorado


With decades of experience, we’ve built something unique to the cannabis industry. Cannabis Enterprise Resource Planning (CERP) is a powerful tool built to improve every facet of your business with customizable dashboards to suit every user/role specific needs.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology ensures an accurate and real-time overview of your product from seed to harvest to sale, removing human error and ensuring accuracy to reduce costs and eliminate mistakes. Streamline your processes and efficiencies to maximize profits at every stage of your business.


Use retail data to garner valuable insights into customer trends, manage inventory, and ensure regulatory compliance. The more information fed into our retail software; the more Potential your insight-driven business analytics will be.


Knowing your true costs real-time per strain equals better profitability and better decisions on what to grow and how much. Real-time financial data equals better cashflow and sound decision making across the management of the company.


Our online retail module gives buyers a streamlined, simple, and intuitive UX with a secure transactional process. At the same time we provide your business with a strong revenue generator and valuable customer information and data to aid your business strategies.


Text or email your most loyal customers about the latest deals. HotboxERP is fully integrated into your point of sale; managers can seamlessly send a customized message to any customer, customer groups or segments. Award loyalty points and rewards and use discount codes to track true ROI on every text or email campaign. Manage existing customers and find new ones with our marketplace for wholesalers.