Grow with RFID

Maintain integrity & eliminate mistakes.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID), the grow house RFID module tracks your plants from seed to sale as well as your employee activity and hours. This real time data and analysis software helps to reduce costs, eliminate human error, and make better data-driven business decisions.

No more guess work.

Analyse, innovate, and streamline.

Inventory, analysis, and calculations take time. That time and resourcing can eat into your bottom line. Our RFID modules integrate seamlessly with CERP to track every aspect of data for your business, making better business decisions and more profits.

What we can track


From every seed or clone through to harvest. We make entering data into our system easy with tools and technology. We know where every plant is at all given times and can automate. We have RFID readers next to scales for simple harvest weight reporting by the correct individual without lifting a finger.


Continuous and automatic updates on inventory and sales allow you to work with powerful customer trend data and market more effectively.


Wearable RFID badges record the actions and processes of every employee in your operation, giving you accurate data on their efficiencies on any device. Also ease of updating nutrients, watering grooming etc. to track all the costs of all the starains.


Track your staff and business hours to analyse and optimize your business and best practices, streamlining both employees and product from beginning to end.

Grow operations

Real-time seed to sale data.

It’s never been easier to track the seed to sale of your plants with accurate, in-depth, and real time data. With up-to-the-minute and automated information, both business efficiency and compliance are assured at all times – with minimal risk.

Employee RFID

Track staff & labour from any device.

Using wearable RFID badges, you can digitally record and analyse the actions, processes, and labor hours of every employee under your roof. Accurate, real-time data on your staff and operations is vital for optimizing and growing your business.